He Sees None Of My Flaws

When he looks at me, he sees perfection

I see my flaws

He tells me my beauty starts on the inside and radiates to all those around me

It’s hard to believe, but I want it to be true

He gently touches my face and says no one has looked more beautiful

I look away and see only my wrinkles, bruises, and faults

He holds me close, tells me how strong and capable I am

I bury my face in his chest and think if he only knew how his words give me courage

He tells me how smart I am

I recall all the things I have yet to learn

He admires the muscles I have

I close my eyes, not able to see what he sees 

His eyes looking into mine, no words needed

He interrupts my very soul, knowing my darkest secrets and passions as if they were his own

He holds me at arm’s length and says, you don’t need my words or touch

You need only to believe in yourself, trust what you desire, and what the universe has provided

I am here only to reassure you from time to time and remind you to believe

By Lisa C


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