What would you call a place where love is the common currency? There is no hunger, no disease, no death, no injury, and no crime. There is no need for the police, the military, or judges. It is abundant, beautiful, and comfortable. When you arrive there, you are welcomed by every person who ever truly loved you and greeted by the owner of this fabulous place. What would you call this destination resort?  

What would you call a place where ingratitude is the common currency? There you find thirst, hunger, anguished cries, and pleadings for mercy that will never be granted by the boss. This place is lacking in everything, is ugly, and uncomfortable. Everyone you ever knew that was hateful, envious, and selfish lives there. When you arrive, no one even looks up as they engage in their own problems. You’re not told where to go or what to do. No one is in charge, and your most dominant emotion is confusion. What would you call such a place?  

In a place where hustle and striving are the common currencies, what would it be called? There you find competition for resources, housing, friendship, and family wholesomeness. You are constantly required to judge and be judged in the tiniest matters and the greatest. Beauty is only found in pockets surrounded by vast ugliness, homelessness, mental illness, and crime. No place is ultimately forever safe. The drive to gather wealth and to create safety is universal. What would such a place be called?  

What if there were one person in all the billions who never sought wealth, fame, or power? A person who wandered from town to town, never owned a house,  transportation, or a coin. A person who loved everyone and only wanted the best for them. A person whose life ended by voluntarily dying to save others. What name would you give such a person?  

What if there were someone who created problems, wars, and chaos? A person who wandered while feeding off anger, crime, murder, and abuse. A person who delighted in creating gossip, envy, jealousy, and fear. A person who sponsored self-doubt, greed, and a universal sense of not-quite-enough. A person who saw murder, assault, and rape as pleasing occurrences toward his goals. What would you call such a person?  

What if it were up to you to decide which of these two people you would follow? What if it were up to you to decide where you would go? 

Which would you choose?

By Bob Bekins



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