One of my neighbors has a slope on the side of her house in a place where she can’t even see it. Being a good neighbor, she decided to plant it with beautiful flowers. The process of covering the bank with starter plants took two weeks. Then she began to water, weed, and care for them. Enter the gophers.

In Caddyshack, Bill Murray was up against a gopher. He became so obsessed with getting rid of it that he took extreme measures. He used a high-powered rifle, water hoses, conversation, and ultimately explosives. Those measures ended up destroying the very things he was trying to protect.

This year will have “gophers“ of many kinds. Some will be physical, some will be spiritual, some will be animals, some will be people, and some will be emotional. All of these gophers will leave us with decisions to make about them. Am I going to go to extreme measures to get rid of them? Am I going to ignore them? Am I going to deal with them on a rational, just-enough, basis?

My neighbor was eventually so discouraged she just gave up. The slope is now covered with weeds and ironically the gophers have departed to forage elsewhere.

Don’t let the gophers run your life. Replant the flowers. And, please stay away from high explosives to solve your problems, no matter how tempting that solution may be.

By Bob Bekins


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