Gardening Is My Solace

I go out into our yard and find peace among our cactus, succulents, vegetables, herbs, and flowering beauties. I can turn off the to-do list and get out of my head. I find myself talking to the plants as I water them and pull out the surrounding weeds. It brings me joy to watch every bloom and every leaf transform and become this living entity. Yes, gardening is my solace.

It’s a form of meditation for me — working with the soil, planting, and tending to the plants brings me into the present moment. Any worries of the day or distractions fade away, and I find clarity. I sometimes find answers to questions I’ve been pondering over. It’s a great way to promote my mental well-being.

Do I have a green thumb? No way! I’ve learned a lot about gardening along the way but still have a lot more to learn. Sadly, I’ve lost a few of my plants along the way. But there’s a sense of happiness when I pluck a ripe tomato and eat it right from the plant, or snip herbs for a meal. It’s so satisfying. I’m providing nourishment for me and whoever eats at our table. And, inviting friends and family to our gardens is like sharing a piece of our heart. 

Gardening is a journey of happiness for me. It’s like a dance between me and nature that comes alive with each new season. And throughout the year, I can actually define the seasons with the different changes in our yard. It reminds me that life’s simplest pleasures can bring the greatest joy. 

So, maybe grab a trowel, dig in the dirt, and let your garden take you to a place of blissful happiness. Do you have any gardening stories or tips you would like to share?

“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years.” — unknown

By Linda S

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