Finding Gratitude

In the past few months, I have gone through some life-changing events. When things go well, it’s easy to be upbeat and grateful. Life is pleasant; spirits are high. But all it takes is one misstep, and things suddenly come crashing down. You begin to question everything and start doubting yourself and everything around you. Then your positive energy starts to slip away. You must work to keep your grateful heart focused on the good in your life. Because once you begin to spiral, it’s hard to stop.

At the end of October, I was a victim of a robbery. I lost my wallet and my computer. I was devastated. When I first realized they were missing, I was shocked and ran around like a crazy woman. My second thought was stupidity. How could I let this happen to me? And, then I felt angry. I felt violated. I work hard for what I have, and for someone to take what wasn’t theirs sent my emotions into a tailspin.

I was pissed, and I wanted blood. An eye for an eye. Not only did I lose my property, money, credit cards, and personal information, but I also lost my time, energy, peace of mind, and sleep. As organized as you might be, you need to prepare for an accident or emergency. It’s hard to think clearly and calmly. Remember all the steps you must take and, in my case, what exactly I was missing so I could report it stolen, close the account, and get new cards. This process took weeks, and as I write this post, I am still working on getting my computer set up correctly. And every time I have an issue, it reminds me that I wouldn’t be having these problems if someone had not taken what wasn’t theirs.

During the entire process, I reminded myself that the situation could have been worse. The financial loss could have been worse. I could have sustained an injury. So I am grateful for these things. I also looked at the positive side of things. A security camera caught the thief in action, and the police identified him. There may be justice yet. My insurance covered most of the new computer, so I was not much out of pocket. I needed a new computer, and this situation made my decision that much easier. My laptop was password protected, so we don’t believe they could get any information from it. It also reminded me that I am capable of handling any situation that comes my way. I am grateful for all the little reminders that let me know that life will always have its ups and downs, and without the dips, you wouldn’t appreciate the highs nearly as much.

“A bad day does not equal a bad life. I choose to focus on the positive; even small things can allow me to feel joy and happiness.”

By Lisa C


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