Faith is something we need but hard to have when life keeps throwing curve balls at us. It’s been said, and Walking Through Life As Women is no exception, that positive affirmations are at the forefront of being happy and leading a healthy life. I know there are many critics out there, I have family and friends in this category. They don’t believe positive thinking, or doing good will bring happiness or change their situation. I disagree! Think about a day when you woke up in a bad mood. From the moment you woke up everything from that point forward seemed to go wrong. Each time something else went wrong, you would get increasingly frustrated and upset. Now picture a day you woke up in a great mood. That day was different because your mindset was in the right place…happy. Things ran smoothly, and not much could ruin your day even if something went wrong.

Our inner thoughts are like a cycle. If you stay in that happy place, the cycle continues in that direction. If you allow yourself to think of all the things that could go wrong, most likely they will. I have seen the downward spiral in those closest to me. When things start to go in the wrong direction and they follow that thought pattern their lives seem to fall apart. This is when faith comes in. The faith I am talking about is in yourself. Faith to believe things will get better. Faith to have the strength to endure any challenge set before you. Faith to have the patience for waiting out the storm. Faith in your support system that you have created. Faith to know no matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again.

If you search google for motivational speakers, you will find most if not all have one thing in common. They have learned to use a positive thought practice at the start of their day or incorporate powerful statements infused with faith and positivity into their daily routine. This changes how they think about things and allows them to succeed. It enables them to have faith in themselves and their future. If these people surrounded themselves with negative words, thoughts, feelings, and energy, they would not have hope or faith. They would not be able to motivate themselves or anyone else for that matter.  

I can tell you from personal experience having faith has gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. Each time I encounter something that I feel will break me, I look for positive words to lift me up. I look towards the future and know things will get better. I surround myself with people that love and encourage me. I remind myself that I am strong and I have come a long way and my journey is not over. I have faith because anything else just wouldn’t do.

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