Dogs vs Cats

I once heard that owning a dog was like raising an infant while owning a cat was like raising a teenager. I’m not sure which is worse or better. Obviously, I had to make some behavioral comparisons to figure it out.

So here they are….


Me coming home from a trip to Circle K for a slushy:

Dog: “OMG! I thought you were NEVER going to return! OMG! What is that in your hand? A treat?”

Cat: “You’re back already? Geez, there goes My peace and quiet, Wait…did you bring me anything?”


Me rubbing my favorite pet’s belly:

Dog: “This feels SO GOOD! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! I’m SO HAPPY!”

Cat: “What the Hell are you doing?” As he sinks his claws into my arm.


Me wondering why my favorite pet is staring at me:

Dog: “When are we going outside? When am I getting a treat? Don’t you love me anymore?”

Cat: “WTF are you looking at?”


Me giving my favorite pet their food:

Dog: “This is Awesome! He gives me food, pets me, gives me toys and a big pillow! He must be God!”

Cat: “This is Awesome! He gives me food, pets me, gives me toys and a big pillow! I must be God!”


Me holding a laser pointer and moving the laser beam around the floor:

Cat: “WTF is that? I gotta catch it! I gotta catch it! Don’t let it get away!!”

Dog: “What is that in your hand? Is that a treat? Is that food? Can I sniff it?”


Me reading a signed agreement from my favorite pet:

Dog: “I’ll be your protector, best friend, loyal companion, and exercise buddy.”

Cat: “YOU will protect me, feed me, change my litter, and do as I command.”


Me cleaning up after my favorite pet:

Dog: “Why is he picking up my poop? Is that tonight’s treat?”

Cat: “Hurry up, I have to pee in the fresh litter”


Me thinking about what brings me joy:

My cat sitting quietly in my lap purring and my cat chasing the laser thinking he can catch it…LOL

My dog giving me wet kisses and how happy he is chasing after a tennis ball.

Dogs and cats are so different but having one as a pet is VERY rewarding. Next month I’ll compare Hamsters and Iguanas. 

By Mike C


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