Defamation Of Character

A person’s character is an important thing and can be entirely subjective. Once labeled, you may have a hard time changing the opinions of others. Human nature allows us to pass judgment while never having met someone, solely based on the rumors or even stereotyping. Better still an opinion about someone’s real character can be made after meeting them for a brief moment, and who’s to say they were able to demonstrate a full picture of themselves?

I find it disheartening that today we also allow someone’s race, religious beliefs or heritage to be one of the most significant determining factors of character.  Labeling in this way, in my opinion, is not only ridiculous but racist. Trying to defend this action by saying “I would rather be safe than sorry and assume all people in that category are one way” is just wrong.    

We all have good and bad qualities, and one characteristic flaw or attribute does not define a person’s personality. I believe it takes a multitude of thoughts, decisions, conversations, and actions for the real character to be discovered. People can also change. The person you were at eighteen will most likely not be the person you are at forty. It’s essential to look at the big picture and not just a snapshot of someone.

Have you ever judged yourself? Sometimes we see ourselves as something we aren’t, in fact, we are usually the hardest on ourselves. What’s important is that we don’t slander or make an assumption about someone that isn’t true or out of date. What you say can be very hurtful and ruin a life. There is a fine line between having your own opinion based on facts vs. trying to convince someone that a person is not a good human.

Words are powerful! Choose your words wisely because defaming a person’s character is something we shouldn’t take lightly. Remember the rhyme, sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. Whoever wrote that was smoking crack, words can hurt. They can destroy your pride, your relationship, your employment opportunities, the list goes on.

Use your power for the greater good. Share your insights but be honest. Remember what goes around comes around.


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