Chasing The Elusive Work-Life Balance

Women have always managed the majority of household and child-rearing tasks while also working full time. Being a female business owner ups this ante, in which case, time management is essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Walking Through Life As Women is an inspirational blog that can help you maintain your focus and your inner harmony as you navigate life’s journey.

Create Your Business Structure

The first step in ensuring smooth and efficient business operations is making sure your business is well established. Write a comprehensive business and marketing plan that defines key operational functions, details your budget, and identifies short and long-term goals. Make sure you have the right business structure, insurance, license, and permits, that your website is easy to navigate, and that you have a viable social media presence.

Get Organized

Being well-prepared at both work and at home will help you organize your time and stay on top of your game. A monthly planner template can give you 30-day snapshots, and you can customize the planner with sticky notes, videos, and task reminders. Having everything you need at the tip of your fingers can help you make quick decisions, prioritize, and pivot as necessary. This will pave the way to smooth operations on the work front and the home front.

Manage Your Time 

According to Very Well Family, when you’re organized, managing your time becomes that much easier. Get into a rhythm at home and at work with regular routines. Having timeframes and schedules for everything from when you wake up to when carpool starts, regular meetings are scheduled, and dinner and homework are managed can help you stay on a workable schedule. While there will be occasional deviations, having something in place will give you a roadmap to follow.

Hire Help at Work

If you have full-time staffers, learn to delegate so you can free your time up for building business and cultivating professional relationships. If you work as a solopreneur, Thriving Small Business suggests using freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants as needed to help lighten your workload or manage special tasks and projects. Make an effort to use software effectively as well. For example, a project management program can help workflow stay on track, and an accounting program can help you with bookkeeping tasks and accounts payable and receivable.

Get Help at Home

Streamline tasks on the domestic front by getting buy-in from the rest of the household. Assign chores and tasks to family members and hire out help as necessary. For example, a housekeeping service can free up family time on weekends. Shop and meal prep on the weekends so you can spend weeknights enjoying downtime while still having healthy meals. Don’t forget to make time for personal pursuits, self-care, and relaxation. This will help you keep stress low and productivity high.

Practice Self Care

Women often prioritize others over themselves, but taking good care of yourself – mind, body, and soul – makes you healthier and that much more available for others. Whether it’s taking time each day to do something that’s just for you, planning regular wellness activities, or creating strategies that allow you healthy balances in all areas of your life, do it for yourself and do it now. You, your business, and your family will all benefit.

Being a female business owner – while pulling double duty at home – can be both rewarding and challenging. Get organized, utilize help when necessary, and create a balance that allows you to enjoy and be fully present in all areas of your personal and professional lives.

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By Elena Stewart


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