The only purposeful aspect of hindsight is to improve what we start doing today. It is quite easy to look back over a decade to see if we had done Plan A more efficiently, we would have ended up with a better outcome. That reflection can include all the complications of raising children, our career … Read more

Outrage Of The Funky White Boy

Let me begin by saying that I am, in fact, an older white male. A demographic that I have become profoundly ashamed of, and I sincerely hope I do not represent in any way, shape, or form. I am also proudly married to a gorgeous woman of color, of mixed heritage, and have an Afro-American … Read more

What Cycling Has Taught Me

I’ve been cycling, for exercise and fun, for most of my life. I’ve enjoyed mountain biking and road cycling during that time. I have found that there are many life lessons that can be derived from cycling.  The first of which is “hard work leads to reward and success”.  I’ve discovered that with almost every … Read more


She entered the unoccupied house. Tasting each of the three bowls on the table. She said, “This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. This porridge is just right.” Trying three chairs, the same routine. Trying three beds, the same. Goldilocks was a trespasser, a thief, and a consumer of private property, who … Read more

Dose Of Mexico

As a kid, I would visit Mexico at least 3 to 4 times a year, sometimes even more. If we didn’t go to Mexico within the year, we felt incomplete. It was a longing for warmth and we had to get our dose of Mexico. On one of these many trips, I remember driving from … Read more

Age Brings Insight

Because of my “advanced” age and extensive life experiences, I have learned a few things about life. Here’s my top 10: Don’t hold a grudge, especially with family. It always amazes me when I hear of someone who, because of a “grudge” or a “disagreement” with a close friend or family member, refuses to speak … Read more


What would you call a place where love is the common currency? There is no hunger, no disease, no death, no injury, and no crime. There is no need for the police, the military, or judges. It is abundant, beautiful, and comfortable. When you arrive there, you are welcomed by every person who ever truly … Read more


Ten things that aliens from another world would find strange about humans… The whole idea of pets. Not only keeping a “lower species” type in confinement and care for the express purpose of companionship and emotional well-being but especially dog walking. Having a “lower species” pulling a human around on a leash and picking up … Read more

Step Back Three

As fall makes its entrance into our lives, the leaves turn color as much as I continue to turn inwards. This year has been an encounter of realizations in which the path I paved for myself looks less and less enticing; something I know I can make better. I have set goals for myself and … Read more


Folks often ask me about making improvements to their homes.  Some even ask me about making improvements to their lives.  The first is easy while the second is a little more challenging.  Here are some little-known facts. You or I could drill a well in the backyard to obtain water.  It is not unusual for … Read more