Ten things that aliens from another world would find strange about humans… The whole idea of pets. Not only keeping a “lower species” type in confinement and care for the express purpose of companionship and emotional well-being but especially dog walking. Having a “lower species” pulling a human around on a leash and picking up … Read more

Step Back Three

As fall makes its entrance into our lives, the leaves turn color as much as I continue to turn inwards. This year has been an encounter of realizations in which the path I paved for myself looks less and less enticing; something I know I can make better. I have set goals for myself and … Read more


Folks often ask me about making improvements to their homes.  Some even ask me about making improvements to their lives.  The first is easy while the second is a little more challenging.  Here are some little-known facts. You or I could drill a well in the backyard to obtain water.  It is not unusual for … Read more

She Is The One

She laughs at my jokes My stupid silly wit Maybe she likes me Just a little bit She cooks me dinner sometimes Even when she’s tired Perhaps she cares about me And I am desired  She likes doing things together  No matter how silly or sappy Could she enjoy my company  That makes me happy  … Read more

Full Circle

I remember reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coello one summer. I was in León visiting my family. Normally, all my cousins would go off to work or had errands to attend to and I’d stay home. One day, I decided to visit the local bookstore and take a gander at the books. I found a … Read more

The Game

Here are some words based on desire.  Two bodies in motion creating the fire. Sweat beads dripping,  clothes ripping away curves bending, tongues blending in a flickering way. Nipples rising, muscles tense and hot nibbling. Sucking, and lips caressing the spot. Hands tied, bodies grinding in a rhythmic motion.  Energy pulsating through the veins like … Read more


Surfing in the fog one day I was sure I knew my exact location from the beach though I couldn’t see it. My brain told me that the waves were breaking perfectly parallel to the sand.  Waves almost never break that way. I couldn’t shake the perception. When I finished and came back to the … Read more

Worst Date EVER!

I’m pulling into the parking lot of the Starbucks coffee shop where I have agreed to meet my date. I’m a little early because I always like to be the first one there so that I can see what she really looks like when she arrives and gets out of her car. Online dating profiles, … Read more

Corned Beef Doesn’t Have Corn

The best way to understand another’s culture is through their stomach. From traditional meals to street food, there can be an abundance of different things to nibble on or completely dive into. I love being invited over for a meal. I am lucky to have such a diverse circle of friends that I get to … Read more


One of my favorite summer activities is to show up at a local beach while the tide is going out. I get down on my knees and with my hands, dig a hole until I hit water. Within minutes, I will have a sandcastle started that is two feet tall. People walking by stop and … Read more