Have you ever been in a situation that was so bad that it brought you to your knees? Or, it made you want to scream out loud or cry hopelessly into a pillow? I think at some point everyone has been in a situation like that, whether it’s from a loss of a family member … Read more

Post-Pandemic Myopia

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught me, it is how much I missed in-person human interaction. I mean, Zoom was a thing we used to stay connected throughout it all and Zoom is quite amazing. If this would have happened 20 years ago, for example, we wouldn’t have had the gift of Zoom. … Read more

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

2021 has been an eventful year for so many reasons and we want to take a moment to say thank you for your support. Thank you for reading our blog, attending our Women Helping Others Advance (WHOA) meetings, events, and sharing your stories. We are so grateful for all the amazing women we have met … Read more

Long-Distance Dad

I read a story on social media the other day about a couple that observed a dad on a date with his young daughter. They saw the love this dad had for his daughter as they giggled and talked. He was making sure to spend quality time and give his daughter lasting memories. This gesture … Read more

Manage Holiday Stress

Every year I go through the stress of the holidays. It’s all the extra planning, shopping, decorating, social events, cooking, cleaning, and working (I work part-time, but still) during the holiday season that gets to me. My to-do list is always long. And, I must admit it’s the stress of wanting to make everything just … Read more

How To Serve Your Community

Do you feel a calling to become more involved in your local community? If so, you may be wondering how best to get started with this noble and important work. This list of common community service questions and resources from Walking Through Life as Women can set you on the right path.  Why Help Others … Read more

My Gratitude Journal

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on all the things you are grateful for and, I am incredibly thankful as this year draws to a close. I have a beautiful, healthy new grandson. My daughter and son-in-law are loving new parents, and I am experiencing the joy of being a grandma. My youngest daughter … Read more

Beginning Of What’s Next

I think I’m going to start this post where I left off on my previous post, which is “I think most of us yearn for something bigger and better in our lives”. With that, It’s time to figure out what’s next for me? First, I think I need to go back to what has happened … Read more

Advice For Single Women On Buying A Home

Nearly 20 percent of US homebuyers are single women. Almost a quarter of the market, yet we aren’t taught much about what it means to be a homeowner. Here is everything you need to know to navigate purchasing a home, presented by Walking Through Life as a Woman. Mutually Owned Property Unfortunately, relationships sometimes end … Read more

Reading Opens The World

I was lucky enough to be born into a family of voracious readers. I remember everyone reading novels, newspapers, magazines. I felt I could travel anywhere in the world at an early age just by picking up a book. My eagerness to read grew, and I remember in 6th grade, I was obsessed with VC … Read more