Finding Gratitude

In the past few months, I have gone through some life-changing events. When things go well, it’s easy to be upbeat and grateful. Life is pleasant; spirits are high. But all it takes is one misstep, and things suddenly come crashing down. You begin to question everything and start doubting yourself and everything around you. … Read more

Voting For Democracy

We just had the midterm elections in our country, and we’re still waiting on the final vote counts on some ballot measures, propositions, and individuals running for office. I don’t know about you, but I was nervous as to what the outcome would be. The republicans predicted a “red wave”, and the democrats were hoping … Read more

4 Tips For Exhausted Women Who Wish To Improve Their Quality Of Life

According to UNICEF, many women, regardless of whether they work outside the home, balance childcare duties with the larger share of the chores in their homes. Cultural expectations for women are also different. You may feel depended upon to be a carer, a comforter, and someone who gives all of herself while ignoring your own … Read more

Am I Still On The Right Path?

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine the other night about life (as you do after a couple of cocktails), and I thought about how one’s life is constantly evolving. And, even in my sixties, I still find myself looking for something that I should feel totally passionate about. So, the … Read more

The Art Of Endurance

I love apples. I’ve always loved apples. Red, green, golden, I love ‘em all! Something about apples just reminds me of home. A country home. MY country home. I’ve got apples all over my kitchen. Tastefully done, of course. I’m not nuts. Apples taste great, too!  Some are sweet, some are tangy. I even like … Read more

Dear Self

Have you ever written yourself letters for the future? Maybe they were lessons learned or things you wanted to accomplish, dreams, or a bucket list. You tucked them away in a safe place and years later, pulled them out, and were amazed at what you had accomplished or things you still needed to do. Maybe … Read more

Life’s Frustrations

This past week has been very frustrating. First, our kitchen sink backed up and then we lost electricity to our garage. My husband and I tried to remedy the problems ourselves but weren’t successful. We had to call “our guy” to take care of the problems. Oh yeah, we also had him fix some loose … Read more

Home Repairs To Improve Your Well-Being

Your home is your safe space – the one place where you can relax and be at ease. That’s why it’s essential that your home serves your needs and promotes your well-being. Want to learn how to make your home a healthy and relaxing space? Keep reading as Walking Through Life shares our essential tips … Read more

The Bucket List

I was reflecting a lot on my first vacation week off in about a year. Taking a year between breaks will get you thinking and reflecting quite a bit, actually. The concept of a bucket list has always been with me, even as a kid. I’ve always been goal oriented. To me, a bucket list … Read more

Never Lose Your Identity

Your identity is your true self. It’s the person you are when you are by yourself and have no expectations. Never let someone take that away from you. Be true to yourself, your principles, wants, and needs. When you remain authentic, it is easier to live a joyful life. You might be less likely to … Read more