It was an innocent donation at a local blood bank. I thought it was pretty cool when I learned that they test for Covid antibodies when you give blood. So out of curiosity, I logged into the blood bank about a week later to see if I had been exposed to Covid. I had not, … Read more

Why Do I Think About Sex?

I will be 55 in June, and I can tell you I think about sex A LOT. I find my mind drifting during the day to having intimate relations with a partner. I enjoy exploring new ways to make it more exciting, expanding my repertoire and abilities on pleasing my partner and ways he can … Read more

Blatant Racism

Why am I writing on the subject of racism again? Because I am pissed off! Racism is still systemically ingrained in our society, and now it is more blatant and overt than ever. You see it with the visibility of more and more white supremacists. They are no longer in the shadows. (I will never … Read more

“22” For Ni Ching

Shakati Red Willow Running Horse  Saw the vision  Of 2 birds circling  In dreams  And pulled me in   Surrounded by stone pyramids and sage  I was greeted by a wizard that asked me a question and gave me the power to name him as I will  “Where do you live”  I live HERE, I replied  … Read more

He Sees None Of My Flaws

When he looks at me, he sees perfection I see my flaws He tells me my beauty starts on the inside and radiates to all those around me It’s hard to believe, but I want it to be true He gently touches my face and says no one has looked more beautiful I look away … Read more

Fake People

I can go in so many different directions with this subject matter. But, the direction I will take is to tell you what happened to our blog. It started with the adding of a forum to our site, and then came the onslaught of bots. A bot (short for “robot”) is an automated program that … Read more

The Bright Side of 2020

Health, strength, safety…rewards for diligence Less pollution…consequence of commute reduction Vitamin D from the sun…spending more time outside Appreciation for togetherness with immediate family…usually being spread to the four winds Technology keeping us connected…something we didn’t have in 1918 Fewer distractions…opportunities for new, deeper friendships Democracy…resulting in change Time for reflection…reprioritizing goals More focus on … Read more

The Vaccine…I Got It!

Let’s be honest, many people out there think the Covid-19 vaccine or any vaccine is poison, and they would never put it into their bodies. I respect their right to their opinion. This post is not a debate on whether you will grow a second head if you get the Covid vaccine, it is merely … Read more

My Word Is “Focus”

To help guide me throughout the year, I started the practice of choosing a word every year. A word that will bring more awareness to my intentions. Last year my word was “flourish”, which means to grow, thrive, and achieve success. My word for 2021 is “FOCUS”, which means the center of activity, attraction, or … Read more