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The topic for this post came to mind because I was thinking about all the great advice I’ve received over the years. From listening to your intuition, being present, to meditating, and more. I have to say that the best advice I’ve received was from a dear friend of mine and it was — write it down, then visualize it. This was good advice not ignored. For me, this is the beginning stage for any goal that I want to achieve.

I’ve always been a believer in setting goals. And, writing them down is a good way to remind myself of what they are and that I have more steps ahead of me. Steps that will probably take me out of my comfort zone. 

When I was younger, I wrote my goals down on paper and then placed them on the refrigerator so that I would see them every day. Now, my phone has become that refrigerator. My phone is usually right by me and I can pick it up at any time. It’s filled with goals for my personal life, my work life, and for this blog. A couple of these goals may become a little more complex, but that’s okay. It will push me to take bigger steps. 

Writing down my goals makes them real and more achievable. I almost start to feel a sense of relief. My ideas become more concrete and I know the work that lies ahead. I will start imagining myself completing the goal. I am being or visualizing whatever it is that I have written down. For example, I see myself sitting and recording a podcast for It’s amazing how doing this, I feel a sense of confidence. I know I can and will do it one day. 

Writing down your goals, revisiting your goals, and practicing visualization will help to keep things fresh in your mind and then you’re more likely to achieve them. One of my biggest goals is to travel the world and make a new friend everywhere I go. Yes, I see myself sitting in a cafe in Europe, eating a delicious meal with a great bottle of wine, and having an amazing conversation with someone I just met.


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