Beginning Of What’s Next

I think I’m going to start this post where I left off on my previous post, which is “I think most of us yearn for something bigger and better in our lives”. With that, It’s time to figure out what’s next for me? First, I think I need to go back to what has happened in the past year and a half and longer.

The global pandemic, polarizing political views, and racial injustice has changed us as individuals and as a nation. But, what do we do as we slowly come out of all this? And, are we coming out of all this? Has covid made us or me better? Have we achieved herd immunity? Have we, as a nation, lessened the political divide? You could say the same thing for racial injustice. In my opinion, the answer to all these questions is NO. There’s so much that still needs to be done. 

All of this affects my mindset when I try to reflect on my life. And, I’m doing a lot of reflecting now that the year is quickly coming to a close. I need to focus on what should come next in my life. I’m 61 years old and I know it’s never too late to start again. It feels like I need to rebrand myself. There’s a lot that I will continue including the gathering of empowered women, the sharing of our stories, and the sharing of our journeys. It’s the making of new friends and connections, and the evolving friendships of old. I’m starting to feel like I’m growing bolder, there’s something bigger than me, and I need to pursue it. Can I actually give a Ted Talk one day? 😉

To pursue whatever it is, I need to make a plan to move and motivate myself. I know that what I’m doing now is not enough and I need to do more. It’s about finding my purpose and making a difference. Both go hand in hand. And, it begins with giving back, whether I have money or not. It’s about the caring of my community and our world. Maybe it’s time to turn and walk down a new path. 

“Old patterns keep repeating until you intentionally move in a new direction.” – unknown

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