(this is a beautiful eulogy written by our friend, Dawn, for her grandmother)


From my earliest conscious thoughts I remember you. I remember your cheery, positive, perfect intonation that projected love and comfort. “Hi, Honey,” you would always say. Your imprint into my core morality is deep and pure, a guiding pillar of righteousness from the earliest days of my being. Your beautiful smile always has been a part of my existence. You lived upstairs in the house where I grew up, forever a part of my closest family. If I ever wanted to see you, I would pop my head into the stairwell and yell, “Heyyo!”. And, “Heyyo” you would playfully answer back and an instant later hear the thump, thump, thump, of my feet running upwards to you. My name for you was Baba, and to this day, that is your name as far as I’m concerned. You would always have a basket full of buttons for me to play with, or a cup of “coffee” (milk and brown sugar) available. Always there as a support, a moral compass, a spiritual guide, a protector, a listening ear, or simply a Grandmother with a new knitted sweater. Born in the USA, you moved to Poland before the War. There you survived occupation by both Germans and Russians, and your stories of survival stopped my heart. Your clever thoughts, your courage, and your gift of knowing what to say in any surreal situation is why many of us are here and exist today. You did not have an easy life, but we’re none the wiser, because the hard times did not make you bitter.   You have an intense love of family, friends, and neighbors. You are a kind and generous spirit. You are an amazing artist and seamstress. All of that aside, to me, you are my loving Grandmother. The rock, the guardian, the beating heart of our family. My love for you is boundless, infinite. Rest in peace. Your presence will light up the heavens, and Dad awaits you with open arms. 

By Dawn Day 


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