Am I Missing Something?

I once wrote a poem and labeled it “Love” then I threw it in a fire and watched the ashes fly above.

It’s a well-versed story that comes to mind of someone gallivanting to save us, a true one of a kind.

The beauty, charm, wit, and even a sultry kiss.

Our hearts open up, and the mind wanders in a state of bliss.

The story evolves and gets so much stronger. Two tales unweave bonding into one that grows longer and longer.

Then one day it’s taken all away. The heart is broken and in disarray. 

Struggle from the mind destroys the one of a kind, and you’re left with an emptiness leaving you blind.

Then you pick up the pieces creating a border snapping them together in some sort of order. Making a vision that you’ve seen before this time choosing what’s more to the core.

It will happen in time, just like this rhyme. As patience sets in, self-love begins.

When you’re ready for more you open that door, and you start over, this time not being a chore.

Then in walks that person ready to give. The love, respect, having your back and making you want to live……YOUR BEST LIFE.

By Anonymous 


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