Am I A Rebel?

Do you go against the status quo? Are you a rebel? Are you fearless, brave, courageous with your decisions or actions? The decisions or actions that you make can transform your challenges into exploration, risk into reward, and fear into determination. I read these words somewhere and found them to be very profound and inspiring.

I don’t know if I would consider myself one who goes against the status quo. I admire those that can and have the integrity to do so. Am I a rebel…maybe? I do speak up when necessary, question others, and I pick my battles.

My husband and I are going through a legal battle right now that I thought I would never have to do in my life. Sure, I could have said that this is not worth the money, time or stress, but sometimes you have to go up against something that you know is wrong. With courage, I’m going to listen to my conscience. I (we) have to finish this till the end, no matter the outcome, because it’s the right thing to do. I guess I’m being a rebel on a personal level. Hopefully, the resolution will be in our favor.

In times like this, I look for inspiring words that help me to get through the hurdles, that help me to see the bigger picture. The following quote reminds me that we are the choices that we make. If you’re going through a tough period, I hope these words will help you as they have helped me.

“The only thing stopping you is fear, and the only thing that will get you past it is courage. What you do with your life isn’t up to your parents, your boss, or your spouse. It’s up to you, and you alone.” — Steve Pavlina

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