Ten things that aliens from another world would find strange about humans…

  1. The whole idea of pets. Not only keeping a “lower species” type in confinement and care for the express purpose of companionship and emotional well-being but especially dog walking. Having a “lower species” pulling a human around on a leash and picking up the excretion from the “lower species” along the way. Which one is the lower species?
  2. Cigarette smoking. Why would any highly developed species engage in an activity that included knowingly inhaling a highly toxic substance into your body? 
  3. Human hair. Humans have hair growing all over their bodies, like most mammals on the planet. It’s the manner by which humans style and cut that hair that aliens would find strange. Women shave most of the hair on their body, men let the hair grow on their face, and there are millions of styles, colors, and lengths of hair on the heads of humans all over the world.
  4. High heels. Human females wear shoes that make them taller. What’s the purpose of artificial height?
  5. Masturbation. Humans stimulate their own sexual organs and erogenous zones for pleasure. Sexual organs are designed for human procreation. 
  6. Watching a movie at the theater. Humans sitting in front of a screen, in a dark room, eating food, while watching other humans engaged in a fiction characterization. Strange.
  7. Porn. Aliens would find it strange that some humans find it pleasurable to watch other humans in different states and methods of procreation and masturbation. 
  8. Weight lifting. Humans engage in exercises that increase muscle size for recreational purposes and aesthetic reasons rather than functional purposes.
  9. Kissing. Two humans press their lips together or rub their noses together as a form of intimacy, not to mention tongues touching tongues. Orifices used for food consumption and respiration? Aliens would not understand.
  10. CLOWNS! Even some humans find the notion of clowns strange or even scary.

Other notables…breast implants, clapping, pizza, toilet paper, and sarcasm.

By Mike C

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