A Women’s Guide To Understanding Men (part 2 of 2)

Last month, I put together a list of things that a woman might say to a man in a given circumstance and what she “really” meant. I did this in an effort to help men all over the world understand women. Hopefully it helped all the guys out there that read it. This month, I’ve decided to do the same for women who want to understand men. So, here’s a list of what a man might say to a woman and what he “really” means.


What he’s really saying:

“I didn’t hear what you were saying because I was watching the game on the big screen behind you…. and the hot brunette next to the big screen.”

“You look great in that dress.”

What he’s really saying:

“Wow…your ass looks great in that dress!”

“No worries, we can chill and watch a movie at my place.”

What he’s really saying:

“We’ll have a couple drinks and definitely have sex…and maybe a movie after.”

“We’ll take it slow.”

What he’s really saying:

“I’m hoping that, by my willingness to take it slow, you’ll find that sexy and take off your top.”

“I’m hungry, would you like to grab a bite to eat.”

What he’s really saying:

“I’m hungry.”

“I like your shoes.”

What he’s really saying:

“I don’t know anything about women’s shoes but I read in a men’s magazine that if I complemented you on your shoes, you’d be impressed…and maybe invite me to your place for sex.”

“I don’t post relationship pics on Facebook.”

What he’s really saying:

“Actually, I don’t want other women that I have sexual hopes for, seeing the post and thinking that I’m in a relationship.”

“Sorry, I’ve been busy with work.”

What he’s really saying:

“I’m really not that interested in you anymore….just break up with me already.”

“I need space.”

What he’s really saying:

“You’re taking up way too much of my time and you no longer do it for me sexually.”

“Let’s just be friends.”

What he’s really saying:

“I’m no longer attracted to you sexually. We’ll probably never see each other again.”

By Mike C


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