A Sister’s Love

I hope you are not tired of me talking about my daughter’s wedding. If so, I apologize in advance. Today’s post, however, is about my younger daughter, Jordan, who was chosen to be the maid of honor at Alexis & Matt’s wedding. Since the girls were very young, they always said they would be the maid of honor in each other’s wedding. This is a big job and one the bride truly depends on. As the older sister, you might worry that your little sister isn’t up for the task. In most cases, who better to trust in that position than your lifelong confidant. Your sister is someone that probably knows you better than anyone else in the world. 

In addition to helping plan and throw the bridal shower, the maid of honor is tasked with giving a toast at the wedding ceremony. For many guests, this part of the wedding can be brutal. But if done correctly, it can leave a lasting impression in everyone’s memory. If done incorrectly, well let’s face it, we have all been to a wedding when someone gets smashed and goes off on a tangent and spews some inappropriate things and continues to drone on for what seems like hours. Not only are the bride and groom mortified but the guests are uncomfortable and just want the entire thing to end. 

For the reasons I mentioned, Alexis and Matt had decided NOT to have any toasts at their reception. So, you can imagine my surprise when Jordan took the microphone and walked to the center stage. What follows is one of the most heartwarming and brilliantly executed toasts I have ever heard.

“Hello everyone!! And welcome to the Castro/Bair wedding. I am sure I speak for both Matthew and Alexis when I say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here today to show both your support and love for their marriage. They both worked so so tremendously hard to make today perfect, and I for one, think it truly shows. 

Now, before I get any further into what promises to be both a tear-jerking and hilarious speech, I would like to let you all know that the bride and groom have provided you all with the amazing cups and an open bar! So please enjoy yourselves, tip your bartenders, and remember that any and all drunken antics will be heavily photographed. So, please drink responsibly!

Now, as some of you know, I am Alexis’ one and only sister. And, I know what you all must be thinking…’wow, lucky her!’…kidding sissy!! Because in reality, I am the lucky one. Sissy, you have always been the person that I looked up to most in life. The person that I called on when I needed both a fierce protector and a fierce friend. You always looked out for me, especially when I needed someone to chase the bullies away from me on the playground. And, having your reputation as a badass protect me when I started high school. No one wanted to mess with Alex Castro’s little sister. 

I have always tried so hard to be like you…intelligent, witty, artistic, and tough as nails. But you made me realize that we will never be the same because I am my own person and that has been so powerful of a change for me. Because even though countless people think we’re twins, we are not in fact, identical. 

Alexis and I were raised in a way that most would find perplexing. Just for reference, my sister was chasing me through the house when we were younger because I had somehow upset her when I yelled out, ‘Dad!! Alex is going to kill me!!’ I got a ‘Do it quietly!!’ in response. So as you can see, we were raised tough, to solve our own problems, and to never expect prince charming to come along to rescue you. 

But come along, he did. Except Alexis’ prince charming, mister Matthew Bair, came along to be her support while she saved herself and built her own kingdom back up. And while this may run the risk of sounding even cheesier than anything else I’ve said thus far, I don’t actually remember meeting Matt for the first time because he has just always felt like family to me. He came into my sisters’ life and just fell in like a missing piece.  

Matthew has been my bruddah! since day one. Not only is he unfailingly kind, but he is also someone who is genuinely interested in learning about you. He wholeheartedly supported me through struggles, both personal and professional. He gives such amazing pep talks, and he makes you want to be a better person. Matthew, you have been the brother I never knew I wanted or needed. I cannot thank you enough for loving my sister the way she deserves. 

When I found out that my sister and Matt had gotten engaged, I screamed, literally out loud in a room full of people. It was quickly followed by ‘damn Matt…finally!!’ You two truly belong together, and I could not be any happier or more proud that today is happening. 

My wish for you both is that you always laugh off the things that are not worth an argument, and love one another through the things that are. And that you always remember the way you felt today, the moment you each said I DO. 

Go through life perpetually saying I do, and choosing each other. Life is hard as we all have found out, but if there are any two people in this world that can work through it all, it is Alexis and Matthew Bair. 

I love you both so so much. Thank you for everything you have done for me. 

So, glasses up y’all and CHEERS TO THE BAIRS!”

While Jordan gave her toast there were laughs, tears and at the end a round of applause. I managed to catch the entire thing on video and will cherish it for the rest of my life. I have always wanted my daughters to be close and look out for one another. At that moment, I knew I had nothing to worry about, they meant the world to each other, their sister bond was strong and unbreakable.

I also thought to myself, I am the mom of two incredible millennials. Maybe it was the way Alexis and Jordan were raised, or maybe they were just born with it. Either way, my girl’s rock and I am one proud mom!


As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your time and support.

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    • Thank you Robin, I am blessed. I was thinking about you as I was finishing that post and writing about Millenials. I thought about your boys and what amazing things they are doing in their lives. I know how proud you are of them. So cheers to us for raising such great kids and I raise a glass to all the other “MOMS” Mothers of Millenials as well. We Rock!


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