A Moment In Time

A cool breeze blows across my face as I take in the beauty of another sunset over the ocean horizon. The slight smell of seaweed and the continuous sound of the ocean waves breaking on the beach, only complete the total sensory sensation that I’m experiencing at this moment—the perfect ending to another perfect day with my girl.

It’s been a mostly cloudy day, all day, until this very moment. A moment that wouldn’t see a single complaint from me if it lasted forever. The Mexican blanket draped across us both is just enough to keep us warm as the temperature drops a little. She lays her head on my shoulder as I pull her closer to me, to share the warmth of my body and feel the warmth of hers. The radiant orange glow from the descending orb, that we call the sun, is growing more iridescent and beautiful as the minutes pass. It’s a sight that we’ve both seen countless times, yet it always seems like the first time when we watch it together.

I look down and smile at my girl’s face as I notice the complete, perfect look of contentment and beauty. The reflection of the sun’s glow upon her face only accentuates this perfectly. And then she looks up at me with a smile and just as she is about to say something I lean in and give her a kiss. I can feel the warmth of the sun on her lips and the slight taste of her favorite coconut-flavored lip balm. As I pull away our eyes meet, and we both smile at each other as we’re caught up in the feeling of the beauty of the moment and the love that we have for one another. I give her a kiss on the forehead as we both turn to watch the sun’s last moments over the horizon.

I pull my phone out to take a picture. It’s the same picture that I’ve taken countless times before, yet it’s not as much about the picture as it is about the moment. And as soon as the position of the waves is just right and a passing seagull flies by, I take the picture. Another “moment” to add to the collection and as I put my camera back in my pocket my girl snuggles into my chest, and I pull her in closer for the sun’s grand finale. And as the cool ocean breeze continues to wisp across the sand and a couple of seagulls land next to us, the sun disappears below the horizon, leaving a spectacular array of orange and yellow in its wake. For a few seconds, I am verklempt over the moment itself and the notion that the perfect day is over, while, at the same time, excited with the anticipation of what the evening will bring and the next day and the next sunset, with my Loral.

By Mike C


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