3 Ways Women Can Boost Business Skills For Post-Pandemic Career Success

Whether you’ve lost your job due to COVID-19 or you’d like to translate your skills into a new career within growing industries like e-commerce, virtual learning, robotics, or cybersecurity, now is the perfect time to further your education, join a professional organization, and build stronger leadership skills. Plus, there are so many things you can do to make money from home while furthering your business knowledge during the pandemic. Walking Through Life As Women provides some great career tips and flexible work opportunities on its website, helping you to earn a living while boosting your business knowledge and leadership skills.

To learn about the different things you can do to boost your business skills for post-pandemic career success, read on! 

  1. Further Your Education

Are you ready to grow and translate your hard and soft skills into a new post-pandemic career? These resources will introduce you to some great business programs for women. 

  • Obtain an accounting degree online from schools like WGU to learn key skills in finance, taxation, auditing, and marketing. 
  • Seek out certifications to bolster your skills if you plan to launch a business
  • Look for scholarships and grants, such as the Philanthropic Education Organization Continuing Education Grant or Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund. 
  1. Join Professional Clubs and Organizations

Connect with other women in business by joining a professional organization, club, or your local Chamber of Commerce. 

  1. Build Leadership and Management Skills

Prepare to lead in a post-pandemic world with these tips and resources.

  • Find out which three leadership skills will be vital in a post-pandemic world, and learn how to master them. 
  • Test your management skills so you know where to improve. Successful managers need to be able to support others, resolve conflict, delegate effectively, and make difficult decisions. 
  • Become a stronger leader by taking initiative whenever possible, developing better critical thinking skills, and improving your verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 
  • Learn how to negotiate with some tips from MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

Strong, adaptable leaders will be needed once the coronavirus outbreak ends — and these resources will help you to gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in a leadership role and pursue new career opportunities post-pandemic. Studies show that women are natural-born leaders, so use these inherited talents and abilities to your advantage as you explore new career opportunities in the post-coronavirus economy.

By Sarah B

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