“22” For Ni Ching

Shakati Red Willow Running Horse 

Saw the vision 

Of 2 birds circling 

In dreams 

And pulled me in  

Surrounded by stone pyramids and sage 

I was greeted by a wizard that asked me a question and gave me the power to name him as I will 

“Where do you live” 

I live HERE, I replied 

As he made me a cup of tea. 

I always live here

In the moment I am within

I am here

It takes a lot of trust to be so simple 

And there is an ease of being 

That comes with it 

I believe 

In the unseen

In the spirit guides

I feel the spirit birds circling above us

Connecting us 

Love is deeply ingrained 

Into the fabric of our creation 

Opening portals 

Awakening ancient memory

To what we are 

We are given the power to name it 

In infinite ways

Guided by these moments 

Where spirit is revealed

And the path loosens 

Into flow 

We are here.

By Jamie Shadowlight


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