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The Customer Is Always Right: Myth or Reality?

The age-old adage, “The customer is always right,” has been a guiding principle in customer service for decades. However, as businesses evolve, online reviews become a weapon, and customer dynamics change, it’s crucial to scrutinize whether this maxim still holds true in the contemporary marketplace. The phrase “the customer is

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to pause, reflect, and appreciate the abundance in our lives. Whether surrounded by family or friends and a table filled with delicious food, let’s take a moment to give thanks for the moments that make life rich and meaningful. Gratitude turns a meal into a feast

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Affirm Your Life

A large part of our blog is about affirmations and how using daily affirmations can change your perspective and help you find inspiration. Have you checked out our Affirmations Page?  I make it a point to use words of affirmation on a daily basis, especially words of gratitude. I started

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Inspiration (repost)

Recently, I was reading some of my past blog posts and came across this one. I wrote it in June of 2020. I hope that you get something from it, as I feel it’s still relevant today. ******************************************************************** When I’m feeling overwhelmed and it kind of feels like I’m living

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No One Is Perfect

Embracing Imperfection: The Journey of Striving for Excellence and Embracing Mistakes. In a world that often demands flawless performances and impeccable outcomes, the pursuit of perfection has become a ubiquitous goal. From our professional lives to personal endeavors, the pressure to be faultless can be overwhelming. However, the truth is

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