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5 Self-Care Tips For Parents of Special Needs Children (repost)

REPOST (We are reposting this amazing article and providing an additional link that provides even more information about pursuing personal goals and a step-by-step guide to successfully switching careers to show you that it’s never too late to make changes in your life. This was a must-read when originally posted

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Be The Light

March 13, 2021, is currently the last time I got to see my youngest daughter, Natalia (name has been changed). Had I known what lay ahead, I would’ve hugged her forever and slept at the foot of her bed that night. In writing this, I’m filled with a rainbow of

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Women Helping Others Advance

Did you know that Walking Through Life As Women has a women’s group that meets every 4-6 weeks? Our group started because Lisa and I wanted to meet with women face-to-face. Yes, we are empowering women through our blog stories, but we thought that we could make more of an

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A friend asked me the other day if my expectations were too high. I had commented that my time was valuable, and when people promised to meet me at a specific time and failed to keep their commitment, it would frustrate me. Usually, I would allow this behavior to happen

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Be Who You Are

What are your thoughts when you read this quote? “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell I start thinking of things like — “what do I want to be when I grow up?” (even though I’m now 63), “the past is the past”, and

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I’m Glad I Went

If there’s one thing that I truly excel at, it’s talking myself out of things. I’m a total badass in my mind, but in all actuality, I’m lazy as hell. I want things to come to ME. I want results instantly so I don’t have to do anything! I want

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